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Full text of "Roll of the Association of the army of Tennessee, Louisiana division, camp no. 2, U.C.V., from its organization in May, 1877, to date April 1st, 1902."

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-OF THE — 



^CAMP No. 2, U. C. VM 

From its Oipanization in Plan, 1877, to Date Jprii 1st, 1908. 

L.R. Simmons, Printer, 520 Natchez Stc, N. O. 











^CAMP No. 2, U. C. V.,^ 

From its Organisation in (nay, 1877, to Date ffliiil 1st; 1902. 

This Association of Confederate Veterans was organized in New 
Orleans in May, 1877. 

The numerous survivors of the Confederate Army and Navy, in 
this City and State, who had not fought in the Army of Northern Vir- 
ginia, feeling the neceessity of organization, resolved to form another 
Association, broad but conservative in its scope. The first meeting 
of Veterans was held on May 8th of that year, forty-five Veterans 
signing the roll for preliminary organization. On May 14th the Com- 
mittees on Membership and Constitution, which had been previously 
appointed, reported and their recommendations were adopted. One 
hundred and five applications'for membership were declared accepted. 

Proceeding to permanent organization, General P. G. T. Beaure 
gard was elected as the first President of the Organization. General 
Jubal A. Early was the first Honorary Member elected. The Asso- 
ciation adopted a new Constitution and Rules and Regulations 
early in 1879, and obtained a charter on March 31, 1879. As defined 
in its charter the objects of the Association "shall be strictly 'Social, 
Historical and Benevolent;' and its labors shall be directed to culti- 
vating the ties of friendship between all survivors of the Armies 
and Navies of the late Confederate States; to keep fresh the memo- 
ries of our Comrades who gave up their lives for the 'Lost Cause' in 
battle, or in other fields of service, or who have died since the war; 

to the perpetuation of the records of their deeds and heroism, by 
the collection and disposition in the manner they judge best, of all 
material of value for future historians; to aiding, assisting and re- 
lieving, to the extent of its ability, all members, their widows and 
orphans, in extreme cases of sickness and want, and to providing 
burial for them when rieoeft'sary;" '■ /; : , 

Its active membership iJ good Ceding,: has averaged yearly 300, 
all carefully investigated and balloted for and coming up to the hio-h 
requirements §fe$ for ^ber^Hip, ^ k&M ation has spent 
large amounts for benevolent purposes, it's Kouunjent and tomb in 
Metairie Cemetery, surmounted by the bronze statue of Albert 
Sidney Johnston alone cost $40,190. In conjunction with the Army 
of Northern Virginia Association, and through their joint efforts, the 
"Soldiers Home of Louisiana" was founded, and with other Con- 
federate Camps of this City the "Louisiana Historical Association" 
had its birth, and later to the organization of tho "United Confed- 
erate Veterans". The following have been the Presidents of this 

Gen. P. G. T. Beauregard, Jas. Lingan, Gen. Aug. Beichard, J 
A. Chalaron, W. H. Rogers, A. J. Lewis; W. T. Cluverius, Jos. D 
Taylor, John Glynn, Jr., J. B. Vinet, R. H. Brunet, William E* 
Huger, Frank A. Monroe, Charles H. Luzenberg, Geo.- S. Pettit 
Charles Santana, J. Walton Gaines, I. S. Richard. 

To-day the membership amounts to 263 with the following 
officers: — 

President, Lewis Guion; First Vice-President, Thos. J. Duggan- 
Second Vice-President, Alden McLellan; Third Vice-President, Theo' 
C. Will; Recording Secretary, Nicholas Cuny; Financial Secretary' 
John R. Juden; Corresponding Secretary, J. Ad. Chalaron; Treasurer' 
Adam Wagatha; Physician, Wm. E. Brickell, M. D.; Assistant 
Physicians, Sons of Confederate -Veterans, Jas. I. Richard M D 
Frank J. Chalaron, M. D.; Chaplain, Rev. B. M. Palmer 

Those marked with a * are aliye and in good standing at this date. 
Those marked with a t have died in good standing. 
Those marked with a % resigned. 

fAustin, J. E., Captain Cannon Guards nth La. Infantry and 
Major Austin's Battalion of Sharpshooters. 

Abaclie, Paul T., Sergeant Major 22nd La. Infantry. 

f Andry, Henry, Holmes' Battery. 

fAugustin. John, Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and Fenner's 

f Arent, David, Co. "E" 12th La. Regiment. 
f Avril, Alex., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, iSth La. Regiment. 
Ahern, Chas., Fenner's Battery. 
fAtchway, James, Dreux's Cavalry. 
Asenheimer, Alex. F., Crescent Artillery. 
•J- Agar, Richard, Lieut, and Capt. 1st La. Regular Artillery, 
f Alleyn, James T\, Co. "E" Crescent Regt. and Detailed Tele- 
graph Operator, 
f Applegate, Mark H., Crescent Regiment and Dreux's Cavalry. 
•(■ Arroyo, Felix, 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
f Armstrong, Wm. W., Co. -'B" Crescent Regiment and Engi. 

neer Corps. 
•[ Arnauld, Louis, 1st Sergeant Co. 'B" Orleans Guards Battalion 

and Fanes' Pelican Battery, 
f Aitken, John H., Co. "B" Kennedy's Battalion, after in 1st La. 

^Alston, Samuel, Co. "E" Crescent Regiment. 
Anderson, Chas. D., Regular C. S. A. Ordnance Department 

and Colonel 21st Alabama Regiment. 
I Auburtin, Jas. Jackson, Watson's Battery and 1st Lieut. Co. 

"G" Crescent Regiment. 
* Abbott, John R., 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
Albertson, Wm. H., Bates' Texas Artillery and Co. "H" 8th 

Texas Cavalry. 
Anderson, H. E.. Co. "E" 21st Alabama Regiment Infantry. 
*Alleyn, Martin A., Armory Guards, Sumpter Regiment, 

Macon Ga. On detail in Arsenal. 
Alford, John, Co. "B" Confederate Response Battalion and 

Dreux's Cavalry. 
*Adam, John L., 4th Co. Orleans Battalion and 22nd La. Reg. 
*Arny, L. C, 2nd Battalion Ala. Light Artillery and General 

Maury's Headquarters at Mobile. 
*Aufdemorte, Jno. Geo., Co. "I" 20th La. Infantry. 

*Allain, Alexander P., 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
*AIlen, Wm. Henry, Watson's and Pointe Coupee Batteries and 
Lieut, in 22nd La. Regiment. 

{Beauregard, P. G. T., General C. S. A. 

fBertus, W. E. Adjt. 20th La. Infantry and A. I. G. to Gen. 

fBertoli, Leon, Co. £ -F" 30th La. Infantry. 
fBetat, Charles, Co'. "F" 30th La. Infantry. 
fBullitt, Wm., Capt. Co. "C" Crescent Regiment. 
Brown, Hy. Clay, Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion and 

Dreux's Cavalry and Engineer Corps. 
Bachemin, Alphonse J., Orleans Guards Battery and Dreux's 


Battels, F. W., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and Fenner's 

*Brunet, R. Hy., (Honorary) Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion 

and Fenner's Battery. 
*Boisblanc, Alcide, S\ C. Siege Train and Bridges' La. Battery. 
*Barret, Fred., Co. "C" 30th La. Regiment, 
Bouligny, Edmond, Pointo Coupee Battery. 
fBarry, M. C, Co. "H" 9th Ky. Infantry. 
Bolan, Henry, Co. "D" 13th La. Infantry. 
Boyle, Roger T., Capt. Co. "C" 35th La. Infantry. 
fBarret, Chas., Co. "C" 30th La. Infantry. 
Burke, Pat., Sergeant Co, < r B" 13th La. Infantry. 
Berlucheaux, Gustave, S. C. Siege Train and Bridges 7 Battery. 
Beauregard, Rene T., Capt Ferguson's Battery. 
Burthe, Louis, Co. "F" 30th La. Regiment. 
Buck, Sam'l. H., Capt. A. A. G. Generals Price and Holmes. 
Brown, Nicholas, Crane's and Dent's' Battery. 
fBertus, Alfred, Orleans Guard Battery. 
fBeck, Charles A., Gibson's and Ketchum's Ala. Batteries. 
fBridge, Benj., 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
Bowman, Augustus, Orleans Guard, Dreux's Battalion and 

Fenner's Battery. 
*Brunet, B. T., Fenner's Battery. 

Boyrie, Leon J. B., 1st Co. La. Sappers and Miners, Capt. 

fBurdge, E. A., Co. "C" Continental Guards, nth La. and 

Medical Department. 
fBercetjeay, Joinville, Ralston's Battery of Natchez Miss. 
fBoyd, W. J., American Rifles, Co. "C" 30th La. Regiment, 

after in Signal Corps. 
•[Bond, Richard C, Capt. and Major 1st Regiment La. Regular 

f Belaume, V. W., Co. "C" Pointe Coupee Artillery. 
Brocard,, S., Co. "C" Pointe Coupee Artillery. 
Bardon, E. N., Watson's, Bradford's and Holmes' Batteries. 
fBush, Louis, Capt. and Major iSth La. Infantry, A. A. G. to 

Genl. Mouton, Col. 7th La. Cavalry, President Military Court 

Trans. Miss. Department. 
Brandao, E. A., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and Fenner's 

f Bruce, Robt. J. 3rd Co. Washington Artillery, after Lt. 1st 

La. Regular Artillery. 
Buisson, Benj.. Orleans Guard Battery and Dreux's Cavalry. 
•Buisson, Theodule, Orleans Guard Battery and Dreux's Cavalry. 
*Besancon, Octave, Guy Dreux's Cavalry. 
fBourdin, Alfred, Watson's and after Holmes' Batteries, 
f Baker, Thos. M., 10th Miss. Reg. and Gen. Bates' Escort Co. 
fBermingham, Mich'l. J., Co. "G" Crescent Regiment. 
fBougere, Aristide, St. Paul's Battalion, Orleans Guard Battery 

and Dreux's Cavalry. 
fBosworth, A. W., Major and Col. Crescent Regiment, Com- 
manding Bosworth's La. Brigade Trans. Miss. Dept. 
*Bracklein, Fred., Co. "A" 20th La. Regiment. 
Bartley, John, 1st Sergeant 5th Co. Washington Artillery, 
Beebe, Marcus J., 5th Co. Washington Artillery and C. S. 

Navy, on "Tennessee" in Mobile Bay. 
f Bulger, Michael. Watson's La. Battery. 
•fBlanchard, James G., Pointe Coupee Battery and Major I. G. 

Genl. Cheathams, Division. 
fBraughn, George H., Lieut, and Capt. Co. "G' : Crescent Reg. 

and Provost Marshal, at Natchitoches. 

Breaux Gn S . A., Col. 30th La. Regiment and on duty at Lake 
Charles, La. 

•Brickell Wm. E. 3rd Confederate Regiment and Surgeon 

Marmadukes Brigade Cleburne's Division 
*Ban-osse, B. A., Watson's Battery, Cobb's Texas Scouts and 

Wood's Cavalry. 
fBethancourt, Octave A., Attakapas Rifles, 22nd Tennessee 

Infantry and Orleans Light Horse, 
f Blanc , Sam'l P., Virginia Cadets and Ist Lieut. La. Troops 

Midshipman and Lieut. C. S. Navy, ss. Baltic, Savannah' 

Sampson, Chattahoochie and Com'd'g Torpedo Boat Hornet- 
fBeck Algernon S., Co. «B" Crescent Regiment and Clerk 
Adj't Genl. Dept. 

Becker, Michel, Co. <<B" Moorman's Battalion and 24th Miss 
Cavalry. . 

Baylor, Eugene Wythe, Lieut, ist La. Regular Artillery and 

Major Q. M. to Gen'l Bragg, etc. 
Barrow, C. J., 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
Bourgeois, John Lezin, Orleans Guards Co. "F" 30th La Regt 
t Buckley, John, 2nd Lieut. Co. "D" 22nd La. Regt. 
fBower, Edward Louis, Lieut, and Capt. Co. "I» Withers' 


{Bradley, Alfred, Capt. Co. «B» afterwards Commanding oth 
La. Battalion Cavalry. 

t Benton, Chas. R, 2nd Lieut, ist La. Regulars, Capt. and 
Chief of Ordnance on Staffs Gen'ls J. R. Baylor and T B 
Magruder. * J ' 

fBurbank, Francis G., Co. -E" 22nd Tenn. Infantry and ist 
Lieut. Artillery on Gun Boat "Cotton." 

fBethancourt, Matthias A., Chasseurs St. James, Co. «E» i 8 th 

DLa. Infantry and Ordnance Sergt. 

fBobet, Alphonse, 2nd Lieut. Orleans Blues, Co. "A" 20th La 

and Capt. Q. M. Dept. 
•Ballard, Jno. B., 2nd Lieut. Co. «K" 20th La. Infantry. 
*Blanc, Paul, Orleans Guards, Co. "F" 30th La. Infantry 
* Brady, James S., Co. «K» Crescent and 16th La. Regts 
fBlesine, Hy. Bourgeois, Watson's Battery and Pointe Coupee 

• Artillery. 

Bienvenu, F. Alexis, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
f Brugier, Auguste, 3rd Co. Pointe Coupee Artillery. 
♦Bienvenu, Peter C, "Pelican," Faries' and Winchester's Bat- 

Bingay, B. J., Co. "H" 18th La. Infantry and Scott's Cavalry. 
Bienvenu, Nemours, 21st Texas Cavalry and Winchester's La. 

•Blakmbre, Wm. T., 2nd Ky. Cavalry, Lieut, and Capt. A. D. 

C. Gen'l B. R.Johnson, and Staff duty, Richmond, Va. 
•Bergeron, Michel B„ Faries' and Winchester's Batteries. 
•Barry, D.O., Co. "D" 22nd La. Regiment. 
Buisson, Anatole, Orleans Guards and 10th Missouri Battery 

and Dreux's Cavalry. 
*Beattie, Taylor, Lieut, and Capt. ist La. Regulars and Col. of 

Cavalry, on Staff duty and Judge Advocate Gen'l Hardee. 
♦Bender, John J., Sumpter Rifles, Crescent Regiment, and 

Selma Naval Gun Foundry. 
♦Browne, Richard H., Confederate Guards' Response Battalion, 
Lieut, and A. I. G. Gen'l Patton Anderson, A. A. G. Gen'l 
Withers' Staff. 
♦Bernard, H. C, Co. "I" 26th La. Infantry. 
Bourg, J. A., Co. "G" 15th Confederate Cavalry, 
f Bonner, John M.. Confederate Response Battalion and Capt. 

Co. "A" Crescent Regiment. 
*Bienvenu, Neuville, S. C. Siege Train and Bridges' Battery. 
Bentley, Wm. J., Ogden's Battalion and rstLa. Heavy Artillery. 
*Briant, Lassalim >., Lieut, and Adj't 10th La. Battalion In- 
fantry and on Staff Gen'ls Armand and Mouton, and Provost 
Marshal at N w Iberia. 
•Brandin, James, Orleans Guards 1 Battery, Dreux's Cavalry and 

LeGardeur's Battery. 
•Brent, Joseph L., (Honorary) Brigadier General from La. 

♦Coos, John M., American Rifles, Co. "C" 30th La. Regiment. 
•Chalaron, J. Adolph, Lieut. 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 

fCluverius, Wat. Tyler, La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion, ist 

Lieut. Fenner's Battery. 
*Cottraux, E. P.„ 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
[Carroll, Fred. W., Fenner's Battery. 
fChambers, S. R., Surgeon Crescent Regiment and Forrest's 

fCurran, D., Co. "H" 3rd Miss. 

Christiau, Paul J., Orleans Light Horse and Tenn. Cavalry. 
Curley, Ed., Co. "B" 22nd La. Regiment. 
*Cook, J. W., Co. "B" 30th La. Regiment. 
fCrane, Geo. P., ist Lieut, ist La. Regular Artillery. 
Chambers, Wm., Co. "A" 30th La, Infantry. 
fCasey, John P., La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion, and Fenner's 

Cooper, Geo. G., Lieut. Co. "F" ist La, Infantry. 
Clarke, Alex. H., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and Fen- 
ner's Battery. 
Childress, Geo. P., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and Fen- 

ner's Battery. 
Childress, M. B., Fenner's Battery. 

Coignard, C. B., Orleans Guards' and LeGardeur's Batteries. 
Cosgrove, James, Gibson's and Dent's Battery, 
Conners, Tim., Cranes and Dent's Battery. 
fCollins, Joseph, Capt. Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, Co. "I" and 

Col. iSth La, Infantry. 
*Clark, Sheldon W., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, 18th La. Reg. 
Cantzon, Chas. E., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, iSth La. Reg. 
JCurran, John, Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, iSth La. Regiment. 
Constant, Octave, Co. "E" 30th La. Regiment. 
*Conrad, G. Mather, Fenner's Battery. 
^Chalaron, Henry, Crescent Regiment and 5th Co. Washington 

Clarke, James, 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
*Canton, Oliver, Co. "G ,? 4th La. Infantry. 
•f-Cortez, R. E., Lieut- Artillery, aid to Gen. Trudeau, St. Mary's 

Rifle Battery and Tobins' Battery, 
*Crouch, Walter V., Lieut. Gladden Rifles and Commissary 

13th La. Regiment, Major A. C. S. to Generals Adams and 

Cunliffe, Geo. F., 6th La. Regiment and Ralston's Battery. ; 
Cousins, Richard M., ist Co. Miles Legion. 
fConrad, Chas. A., Lieut, and Capt. ist Regiment La. Regular 

f Conway, James D., Fenner's Battery. 
*Coiron, F. S., Orleans Guards Battalion and Conscript Bureau 

at Montgomery, Ala. 
*Comes, Joseph E., Ascension Guards, 28th La. and 22nd La. 

*Craig, E. L., Co. "F" Crescent Regt. and Ordnance Dept. 
Coleman, Jas. Walker, Co. "A", Rock City Guards, ist Tenn. 

*Cuny, Nicholas, Bluff City Greys, Co, "B" 154th Sr. Tenn. 

Infantry and ist Sergeant Co. "A" Mc Donald's Battalion 

and Forrest Regiment Cavalry. 
| Clark, Alex. B., La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion and Fenner's 

Cornu, Ernest, Pointe Coupee Battery, 
f Crosby, George, Semples' Alabama Battery. 
Cox, Augustus S., Confederate Guards Response Battalion. 
*Corneille, Joseph, Sergeant Co. "B" 23rd and 22nd La. Heavy 

Artillery. .1 

Carlisle, Sam'l S., Co. "E" ist Mo. and 1st Lt. Artillery and 

Ordnance Officer. 
*Castanedo, Arthur A., Orleans Guard Battalion and Co. "F" 

30th La. Regiment. 
■{•Champagne, F. O., Orleans Guard Battalion. 
Coirin, P. Felix, Orleans Battalion and Pointe Coupee Battery.. 
Champlin, Wm. Smith, Co. "E" 20th Miss., Tilghman's Brigade, 
*Carrington, Algernon S., Capt. Co. "PI" 21st Ala. Regiment. 
jCharbonnet, James A., Orleans Guards Battery and Dreux's 

Cushman, Basil C, Co. "B" La. Guard Artillery and Adj't30th 

La. Regiment. 
•j-Clavie, Jean Victor, Co. "D" 30th La. Regiment, 
f Clone, Michael, ist Co. Simmes' Artillery. 


•Colcock, D. D., Midshipman C. S. Navy at Charleston and 

3rd S. C. Cavalry. 
*Cottirig, Chas. C, 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
•Crawford, Walter S., Fenner's Battery. 
fCampbell, Wm, Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and 

Fennel's Battery. 

{Courtney, Daniel, C. S. Navy on Str. Savannah and Eastern 

Charbonnet, Jos. Numa, 15th Confederate Cavalry and Adj't. 

Roystin's Cavalry, 
•Crawford, R. H., Fenner's Battery. 

Conner, John, Co. "C" Chalmette Regt. and C. S. Navy. 
*Chaille, Stanford E , Orleans Light Horse and Surgeon C. S. 

A , M I , to General Bragg. 
•Carroll, Chas. V., Co. "C" Crescent Regt. and Department 

*Capdevielle, Paul, Boone's and LeGardeur's Batteries. 
*Chase, Francis Turner, Co. "C" i st Alabama Infantry. 
♦Collins, Andrew, 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
*Cucullu, Louis, ist Co. Orleans Guard Battalion and Pelican 

Carloss, Frank R., Co. "A" 21st Miss, and 2nd Lt. Co. "H'> 

Miles Legion. 

fChastant, Alcee, Surgeon in Medical Department, Miss. Geo. 

and Ala. 
*Carnahan, John W, Perret Guards', 5th La. Infantry and 

Sergeant Red River Sharpshooters. 
*Clark, Phil. C., C. S. Navy and Fenner's Battery. 

fDoiron, J. J., 4th La. Infantry. 

Dean, Chas , 22nd La. Infantry. 

fDouillet, Alex., Sergeant Co. 28th La. Infantry. 

fDreux, Guy, Captain Jefferson Mounted Guards, Dreux's 

Cavalry Co. 
D'Aquin, Albert, Orleans Guard Battalion and Ord, Sergeant 

Bradford's Battalion. 


Daley,- John, Capt. Co. "C" 13th La. Infantry. 

Douellier, Alex., Co. "K" 28th La. Regiment. 

*Dolan, John A., Co. U A" Austin's Battalion. 

*DeVerges, Ernest, Orleans Guard and Sergeant LeGardeur's 

*DeFuentes, Chas. L., Co. '-D" 22nd La. Regiment. 
*Duggan, Thos. J., ist Lieut. Fenner's Battery. 
Dupre, Emile, Orleans Guard Battery. 
Durel, Joseph A., LeGardeur's Battery. 

■j-Dowty, Zach. J., Crescent Regiment and Dreux's Cavalry. 
Delatte, Phil., 5th La. Battalion, after ist La. Infantry. 
Decker, Seth H., Co. "G" 4th La. Infantry and 9th Battalion 

La. Cavalry. 
Dooley, P., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, iSth La. Regiment. 
Dejean, E., Orleans Guards, Co. "F" 30th La. Regiment. 
Dolan, Edward F., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, 18th La. Regt. 
•|-Duffy, Philip, Kennedy's Battalion after ist La. Infantry. 
Davidson, A. M., Scott's ist La. Cavalry and Co. "B" 3rd La. 

f Davis, Jefferson, (Honorary) President C. S. A, 
j-Delahoussaye, Bernard S., Pointe Coupee Artillery. 
j-Disque, Chas. H., La. Guards, Co. "C" Crescent Regiment, 
•f Duggan, Joseph H., 5th Co. Washington Artillery and Capt. 

O O., General Frank Armstrong. 
*Dole, George, Sumpter Rifles and Co. "C" Crescent Regt. 
fDelery, Chas, D., Palmetto Guards, S. C. Siege Train and 

Bridges La. Battery. 
fDupuy, Chas. L. C, ist Co. Sergeant-Major Washington Ar- 
tillery, Lt. ist La. Regular Artillery and Judge Advocate to 

Gen. Maury, 
*Delpit, August, Chasseur's a Pied, Co. "C" iSth La. Infantry. 
Dolhonde, Leonce, Orleans Guards and LeGardeur's Batteries. 
■j-Dodart, Jno. B., Chalmette Regiment and Co. "B" Pointe 

Coupee Artillery. 
*Davezac, Edward L., Co. "A" 2nd Ky. Regiment Infantry.. 
Dalon, Justin G,, Orleans Artillery and Co. '*E" 22nd La. 



*Dirker, John B., La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion and Fenner's 

*Desforges, Leonce, Fenner's Battery. 
f Daliet, Octave, 9th La. Battalion Cavalry, 
f Downs, James A., American Rifles, 30th La. Regiment. 
fDooley, Wm , 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
Duvernay, Philip, Co. "E" 20th La. Infantry. 
Dirmeyer, A. L., Stuart's Co. "A" Miles' Legion and Ogden's 

Battalion Cavalry. 
fDimitry, John B S., Co. <S C" Crescent Regt. and Govern- 
ment Service at Richmond Va. 
*DeRussey, Rene A., Pointe Coupee Battery. 
fDurrive, Edward, Capt. Independent Co. and Co. <-B" 22nd 

La. Regiment, 
Dicks, Jos. Luzenburg, Wither's and Cobb's Batteries and 5th 

Co. Washignton Artillery. 
Day, J. Roland, Capt. Ed. Scott's Co. and 15th Confederate 

*Dodd, Joseph J., Co. A. Crescent Artillery and Lieut, and 

Adjt. Siege Train Battalion, Trans. Miss. Dept. 
tDukes, C. C, nth La. Battalion Infantry and Capt. Co. "B" 

Logan's Battalion Artillery. 
*Druhan, R. J., Boone's and LeGardeur's Batteries. 
*Delahoussaye, L. P., St. Mary's Cannoneers. 
"Dinkins, Tames, istN. C. Infantry, 18th Miss. Infantry in Va. 
1st Lt. C. S. A., A. D. C. to General Chalmers and Capt. 
Co. "C" 1 8th Miss. Cavalry. 
•Duncan, Wm. B., Co. "D" Crescent Regiment. 

Ellis, E. John, Lieut, and Capt. St. Helena Rebels, 16th La. 

f Elliott, Benj. Christopher, Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion 

and Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
*Elizardi, Peter, Orleans Guards and Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
f Early, Jubal A. (Honorary) Lieut. General C. S. A. 
*Elliott, Thos. Hugh, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 


f Eustis, Cartwrigbt. Co. "B" 10th Miss. Infantry, Lieut. Co. 

"F" 20th La. Regt., Capt. A. A. G. to Gen'l Gibson. 
*Ernest, Frederick, La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion and Ord. 

Sergt. Fenner's Battery. 
*Estopinal. Albeit, Co. "G" 2Sth La. Regiment. 
JEustis, James B., Lieut. A. D. C, Major A. A. G. to Gen'ls 

Beauregard, Johnston and J. B. Hood. 
•[Erne, Christopher, Co. "G" 1st La. Artillery 
Elms, George Osborne, 1st Lieut. Co. "A" and Adjt. 28th La. 

(Thomas') and Lieut. Engineer Corps. 
^Elliott, John Barnwell, S. C. College Cadets and 2nd Lieut. 

Maxwell's Light Artillery, Regulars. 
*Ellis, Wm. Connor, 2nd Lt. Co. "D" and 1st Lt. and Capt. 

Co. "A" 1st La. Regular Artillery. 

^Fenner, Chas. E., Capt. La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion and 

Capt. Fenner's Battery. 
Fahy, Pat, 13th La. Infantry. 
*Fry, Walton, Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion and Fenner's 

•j-Feinour, E. C, 5th Co. Washington Artillery, 
fFrettman, Martin, Co. *'C" 21st La. Infantry. 
fFrost, Geo. H., 2nd Lt. Regular C. S. A., Capt. and A. I. 

G. Armstrong's Cavalry Brigade. 
*Freret, Wm. A., 5th Co. Washington Artillery and Officer in 

Engineer Department Trans-Miss. 
fFremaux, Leon J., Co. "A" 8th La. and Capt. and C. E. 

Engineer Corps. 
Fromhertz, Peter, Gibson's La. and Ketchum's Ala. Batteries. 
fFerguson, H. B., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, 18th La. Infantry. 
Fuller, L. K., Co. "D" nth La. and Co. "B" Austin's Battal'n. 
-jFahey, James, S. C. Siege Train and Bridges' La, Battery. 
•["Frederick, L, J., 27th Miss. Volunteer Regiment. 
fFreret, Gus. J,, 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
*Forno, Lawrence, Co, "C" 1st La. Cavalry. 


fFreret, James, Lt. Engineer Corps, E. O. to Gen'l Frank 

Fox, Charles VV., 5th Co. Washington Artillery 

Fanes, Thos. A., Ist Lt. Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion, 
Major Fanes' Artillery Battalion, Gen'l R. Taylor's Com- 
mand, Trans-Miss. 

Faibrejas. A., Co. "A" Crescent Regiment 

Flemming, John G., Capt. Continental Guards, Co. "C" nth 
La. Regiment. 

Fauntleroy,T. Kinloch, jithVa. Infantry, Officer Va. Cavalry 

U. C S. A., O. O. Army of Potomac and Capt. Chief 

Artillery in Trans-Miss. 
fFoley, Michael, Co. "A" Crescent Regiment. 
*Fowler, Isaac J., ist and 8th Missouri Infantry and in Q M 

Department, Trans-Miss. 
fFontenot, Octave, 2nd Lt. Co. «K" 28th (Thomas') La 


^Fitzgerald, James, C. S. Navy on Miss. River, in S C and 
Drury's Bluff, Va. * 

fFitzpatrick, Jas. J., Co. <*C" ist Lieut, and Adjt. 23 ndMiss. 

*Foster, Chas. W„ Walker Guards and Crescent Artillery. 
f Ferrer, Leon, Valcour Aime Guards, Co. "D" 30th La Regt 
^Fernandez, Felipe, Valcour Aime Guards, Co. "D" 30th La! 

*Flotte, Honore, S. C. Siege Train and Bridges' La. Battery 
Ferguson, Jas. M., Co. "A" 16th Miss. Infantry, Medical 

Staff and Adjt. 4th Miss. Cavalry. 
*Forman, Benj. Rice, Co. "C" 2nd Ky. Cavalry, Morgan's 

^Frederic, H. A., Co. "B" Crescent Regiment and Lt. Com- 
manding Signal Corps Gen'l Buckner. 

JGolding, John C, istLt. Co. "D" ist La. Infantry Regulars. 
Gauthreaux, J. R. A., 4th La. Infantry. 
fGregg, Frank, Lt. Co. "F" 30th La. Regiment. 


Guyol, Charles, 2nd Ky. Regiment, Morgan's Cavalry. 

KJuerin, Paul O., DeGournay's Heavy Artillery and LeGar- 
deur's Battery. 

*Glynn, John Jr , Lt. LeGardeur's Battery. 

Guibet, R. A., LeGardeur's Battery. 

jGuibet, E. A., Sergt. LeGardeur's Battery. 

Gill, Sig. B. , Fenner's Battery. 

Girard, Jules, Pointe Coupee Battery. 

Gibson, Tobias, Lieut. Co. 13th La. Regiment. 

fGournier, A. R , Surgeon on Staff, Lee's Corps. 

*Garvey, Chas , Co "G" 154th Senior Regt , Tenn Infantry. 

*Gaffney, Peter C, Co. "E" iSthLa. Infantry. 

fGolden, Patrick, Co. "C" 13th La. Infantry. 

Gould, Henry, nth La. Regt , Co. "A," Austin's Battalion. 

*Gitzinger, Chas., 41b Sergt. Dreux's Cavalry, 

Grivot, Adolphe, Fenner's Battery. 

Guillot, F. H., Co. "A" 30th La. Regiment. 

Gray, John, ist La Infantry, transferred to C. S. Navy. 

fGanucheau, Edw. N., Lt. and Capt. Co. "D" and Major 30th 
La. Vols. 

Garrett, Stephen R., Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion, Lt. 
Co. "B".' Austin's Battalion and Capt. Artillery. 

Green, Charles, Lt. and Capt. Co. ''B" 21st La. Regiment. 

Guillot, John J., Co. "A" 30th La. Regiment. 

*Ginder, Henry, Crescent Regiment and Fenner's Battery and 
ist Lt. Engineer Corps. 

fGandolfi, Felix, Co. "C" iSth La. and detailed in Trans- 
Miss Conscript Bureau. 

-j-Graff, John, Co. "B" 22nd La. Regiment. 

-jGibson, Randall L.,Capt Co. "D" ist La. Regular Artillery, 
Col. 13th La. Regiment and Brigadier General C. S. A. 

fGalleher, John N , (Honorary) Lt. A. D. C. to Gen'l Buck- 
ner, Col. and A. A. G. on Staff. 

Guesnon, Ernest, Watson's and Pointe Coupee Batteries. 

*Gardere, Arthur, Co. "A" Orleans Guards Battalion and Le- 
Gardeur's Battery. 

Grosch, Frank H. , 22nd La. Regiment. 


Glenn, Jno. W., Lt. and Cap*; Engineer Corps with Gen'Is 

J. K Johnston, Beauregard and Hardee 
tGillespie, Robt. W., Co. »A» Ist Tenn. Infantry and Lt. 

and Capt. Scouts in Forrest's Cavalry. 
Gener, Frank, Pointe Coupee Battery. 
Gray, Reuben F., Co. "A" aSth (Gray's) La. Infantry. 
tGuyol, Armand, Co. "B" Crescent Regiment 
fGn-od E. P., Orleans Artillery and Co. "C" 22nd La. Regt. 
•Gossehn, Martial, Co. «<F» Crescent Regiment. 
G.H, John L., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and Fenner's 


*Gay, Andrew H., Co. "A" ist La. Cavalry 
•Gardner, Matt. D., Co. -A" Crescent R egt . and Com. Dept. 
fGauthreaux, Joseph, Lt. in E. W. Fuller's Co. and on Gun 
tioat Cotton. 

tGolmer, William, Co. <VB" Confederate Response Battalion 

and 5th Co. Washington Artijlerv. 
*Gamotis, Alphonse, Orleans Guards, Barrett's and LeGar- 

deur's Batteries. 

*Gaines,Jas. Walton, Orleans Cadets, Lt. C. S. A. and ist 
Lt. ist La. Regular Artillery. 

Gras, Louis J. Co. "B" 3rd La. Cavalry. 

JGates, Alfred S., St. Mary's Cannoneers. 

tGaillard, L. A., Co. "B» Orleans Guards and LeGardeur's 

*Guidici, H. E., Iberville Grays, 3rd La. Infantry 

*Guion, Lewis. 2nd Lt. Co. «'C» ist La., Ist Lt. La. Regular 
Infantry, Capt. Co. "D" 3 6th La. and A. I. G. to Gen'l 
Allan Thomas and A. A. G. on Brigade Staff in Trans-Miss. 

•Garidel, Joe, Sergt. "Pelican," Faries' and Winchester's Bat- 

•Gill, Thos. M., Sergt. Major and Capt. Co. «E" 31st Miss 

Infantry and Major in Forrest's Cavalry 
•Godbold, Febius C. t Co. "B" ist La. Cavalry and Bradford's 



lllearhe, Win,, Sergt. Co. "C" ist La. Infantry, Regulars. 

fHuger, Wm. E., Lt. Co. "A" Dreux's Battalion and 1st Lt. 
Co. "H" ist La. Regiment Infantry and A. D. C. 

fHughes, Martin, Co, "G" 20th La Infantry. 

*Herron, Frank, Orleans Battalion Artillery and 22nd La. Regt. 

tHolmes, W. H., rst La. Cavalry. 

fHarkins, D. O., Co. l, F" ist Missouri Regiment* 

fHood, Jno. B., General C. S. A. 

*Harrod, B. Morgan, ist Lt. La. Regular Artillery and Capt. 
A. D. C. Gen'l M. L. Smith. 

Hall, Frank M., Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion and Fen- 
ner's Battery. 

Hamburger, Lawrence, Co. "D" ist La. Infantry. 

fHosmer, W. F. , Fenner's Battery. 

fHughes, David, Fenner*s Battery. 

♦Hincks, Joseph A. , Orleans Guards, Bridges' La. Battery and 
2nd Lt. Ferguson's Battery. 

f Herman, Wm., Co. "H" ist La. Regular Infantry. 

Hermogen, F., West Baton Rouge Co., 4th La. Infantry. 

Hedges, J. H. H., Ordnance Sergt. 5th Co. Washintgon Ar- 
tillery and Ordnance Officer Selma, Ala. 

fHardee, Thos. S., Lt. A. D. C. Gen'l Hardee's Staff. 

Havmeyer, Henry, Gibson's, Robinson's and Dent's Batteries. 

Heath, Wm. F., Co. "B" 30th La. Regiment. 

fHildebrandt, Henry, Clack's Battalion and Dreux's Cavalry. 

Hall, Gilbert L., Ord. Sergt. and Lt. Co. "K" Crescent Regi- 
ment, Capt. Q_ M. Artillery Regiment, Trans-Miss, and 
Major C S to Gen'l T. L. Brent. 

fHolmes, John H., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and 
Fenner's Battery. 

Housey, Vincent J., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, iSth La. Regt. 

fHorn, Fendel, Sergt. Co. "A" Crescent Regiment and Engi- 
neer Corps. 

fHickey, Martin, Co. "I" ist La.' Regular Infantry Regt. 

fHyatt, Arthur W., ist Lt. Clack's Battalion, Capt. 18th La. 
and Lt. Col. Consolidated Crescent Regiment. 


Harrison, Wm. Cole, Co. "A" Crescent Regt. and detached 


ical JJepartment. 

fHunter, W. W., (Honorary) Command 

er and Capt. C S N. 

fHubert, Darius, (Honorary) Chaplain A. N. V 

Hamilton, Edwin Wm,, Clack's Battalion and Dreux's Cavalry 

Co. ■■'.'■,:'■'" 

fHaller, Paul, Co. "G" 3rd La.^Infantry. 

fHubbard, Ralph D., Orleans Guard Battery and Dreux's 

Cavalry Co. 
*Hill, James'Davidson, Lt. and Capt. Co. "E" aSth La. and 
Lt. Col. Volunteer Battalion, Commanding Brigade at At- 
lanta, and A. D. C. Gen'l Hood. 
fHooten, Joseph A., 1st Sergt. and Lt. Co. "B" 16th La Regt. 
fHandy, Thos. H., Lt. Co. "A" Crescent Artillery. 
fHoward, Chas. T., Co. "G" Ruggles Guard, Crescent Regt. 
♦Hooker, Charles E., (Honorary) Col. Cavalry C. S. A. 
•Harris, John M., Co. "E" 13th La. Vols. 
tHotard, A. E., Algiers Guards, 30th La. Regiment. 
Hartnett, Patrick, Co. ««D'» Orleans Artillery. 
JHaile, Chris. Valliere, Sumpter and 30th La. Regts. and Lt. 

A. D. C. to Brig. Gen'l Walter H. Stevens, in Va. 
Homan, Geo. W., Co. "H" and Q_ M. Sergt. Crescent Regt. 
and with Brent's Artillery. 

Henley, Nimrod P., Adams' Rifles, Co. "E" 20th Miss. In- 

•Hebert, Alexis S., Co. *'B" 26th La. Infantry. 
• *Hebrard, L. P., Chasseurs a Pied, iSth La. and St. Mary's 
Cannoneers and Clerk in Medical Department Trans-Miss. 

•Harriss, Geo. P., Orleans Cadets, DreiJx's Battalion, and 2nd 
Lt. Fenner's Battery, 

Hennessey, James D., Co. "C 1st La. Cavalry. 

•Henriques, A. D., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and 
Fenner's Battery. 

-f-Hoey, John, Orleans Battalion Artillery and 22nd La. Regt. 

fHart. Junius, Missouri State Guard and 16th Alabama Regt. 

•Hebert, Jules A , 22nd Tenn. and Orleans Light Horse. 

Hall, Wm., Dreux's Cavalry Co. 


•llymel, Louis A , Orleans Guards, 30U1 La. Regiment. 
* Hackney, R. H , Clay Guards, 30th La Regiment. 
Ilenning, Frank, Co. "B" Confederate Response Battalion and 

Dreux's Cavalry. 
Uosey, Sebastian, 1st Co. Red River Sharpshooters. 
Hibben, James, Orleans Cadets and Fenner's Battery. 
Hobgood, John H , Co. "D" 4th La. Infantry. 
fHailey, A. B , C ipt Co. "D" (Thomas') 28th La. Infantry. 
♦Hildebrandt, Leopold, Gibson's La. Light Artillery and 

Lumsden's Ala. Battery. 
•Harris, Sheperd J., Co. * C" 30th La. Infantry. 
Harriss, Baylis E., Escort Co. Gen'ls Pillow and D. W. Adams 

and Special Courier Duty. 
•Hopkins, Aristide, Orleans Light Horse and Lt. A. A. I, G. 

Generals Polk and A. P. Stewart. 
fHebert, Louis, (Honorary) Brigadier Gen'l. C. S. A., from 

tHarris, Wm. Hooper, Co. "K" 14th Miss. 2nd Lt. C. S. A. 

and A. I. G to General Jos. Wheeler. 

♦Jonas, Benj. F., Fenner's Battery and Acting Adj 't Battalion 

Artillery, Hood's Corps, A. T. 
Jenkins, H. N., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets and Capt. Co. "I" 

18th La. Regiment. 
Johnsen, Chas. G , Lt. 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
Julie, Louis P., 21st La. Regiment. 
♦Jumel, Allen, Capt. Co. "I" 2nd La. Cavalry, 
f Johnston, Joseph E , (Honorary) General C. S. A. 
fjohnson, Emanuel, Co. "B" 22nd La. Regiment. 
*Jackson, H. B., C..C Guards, Crescent Regiment, 
fjeahne, Chas. F., Co. "D" Crescent Regiment, 
tjoyce, Pat. A., Co. "A" Crescent Regiment. 
Johnston, Geo. D , 2nd Lt. 4th Ala. Major, Lt. Col. and Col. 

25th Ala. Regiment and Brigadier General C. S. A. 
fjohnston, Wm. Preston, Major 2nd Ky. Infantry, Major and 

Lt. -Col 1st Ky. Infantry, Col. Cavalry on President Jefferson 

Davis' Staff". 


ux s 




*Juden, John R , Sergeant and 2nd Lt. La. Guards, Dre 
Battalion and Commissary Dept., Gen. E. Kirby Smith 

Jorda, Pierre, Co. «C" Pointe Coupee Artillery. 

•Jones, Jonathan J., ist Arkansas Mounted Infantry, Gen 
Fagan's Escort and Independent Scout Duty. 

*Keiffer, Julius M., Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion and S 

geant-Major ist Florida Regiment Infantry. 
Kohl, Jos., Dent's Battery. 

fKreutz, Andrew, Lieut. Co. "C" 20th La. Infantry. 
*Kenny, Patrick, Co. "G" 20th La. Infantry. 
Knoll, Jules, Co. "D" 22nd La. Regiment. 
*Kernochan. Henry P., 13th La Infantry and Capt. A. D C 

and A. I. G. on Staff Gen'ls Adams and Gibson. 
Kerr, James Jr., Co. "C" 7th La. Regiment and Q, M. Depart- 
ment Forrest's Cavalry. ' 
*Kreutz, Nicholas, Co. "A" 20th La. Regiment and detailed 

in Commissary at Columbus, Ga. 
fKeller, Charles, Co. "C" Crescent Artillery. 
♦Kerrigan, Daniel, Pargoud Guards of N. O. Co." H" ist 
Missouri Infantry. 

Kirkland, Louis, Lake Providence Cadets, 4th La. Regiment 

Klinder, Christian A., Clack's Battalion and Dreux's Cava! 



Keenan, Edward, Crescent Rifles, Crescent Regiment. 

fKell, John Mcintosh, (Honorary) Lieut, and Commander C. 

S. Navy, 2nd in Command "Alabama" and Commanding ss 

"Richmond." ' 

fKrabbe, Samuel, Co. «H" and Corp'l Co. "L" Crescent Rc^t 
Keady, Wm. George, Watson's Battery and Pointe Corn-Tee 

Kane, Adolphus G., Co. «C" 30th La. Infantry. 
King, E. T , Fuller's Co., Gun Boat Cotton and Capt Co. "H" 

Crescent Regiment. 
Kerr, Geo. Patrick, Sergt. Co. "B" and Ala. and 27th La. 



Kirk, Wm. E., Pointe Coupee Artillery. 
♦Knight, John M., Co. "H" 26th La. Infantry. 
*Kyle, V. H., Co. "K" Wirt Adams' Cavalry and on detail. 
*King, Jacob, Gibson's and Sergt. Ketchum's Batteries. 
Kelley, Daniel Webster, Co. "H" 2nd La. Infantry and 2nd La. 

Keen, Wm. Nicholson, Co. -'A" Miles' Artillery and Ketchum's 

Ala. Battery. 
•Krebs, Joseph H., Co. S -L" 27th Miss. Infantry. 
t-Keyser, Benj. H., Co. <l D" ist Miss Valley Infantry, on Staff 

Gen'l Bowen and Henderson's Scouts. 
*Koerner, Eustace, Clack's Battalion and Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

fLingan James, Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion, Lt. Co. "A" 

nth La. Infantry and Capt. Co. U A" Austin's Battalion. 
■fLevron, Aurelian, Co. t- E" 4th La. Infantry. 
Lallande, John B., Capt. Co. "C 13th La. Infantry. 
Lynch. Thomas, Co. "G" 20th La. Infantry. 
*Latour, Victor, 22nd La. Infantry. 

Luminais, F. A , Ord. Sergt. Co. "F" 30th La. Infantry. 
-f-Lange, Arthur, Co. "F" 30th La. Infantry. 
Leefe, Benj. P., Orleans Guard Battalion and Co. "F" 30th La. 

LeBreton, Gustave, Orleans Guard Battalion and Co. "F" 30th 

La. Infantry. 
Livaudais, E. E , Orleans Guard Battalion, S. C. Siege Train 

and Bridges' La. Battery. 
Lindsay, Preston, 2nd Lt. Co. "G" 2nd Ky. 
Lackey, J. M., Dent's Battery. 

*Lewis, Alf. Joshua, Capt. Co, "E" ist La. Regular Infantry. 
fLuzenberg, Chas. H., Lieut, and Capt. Co. "K" 13th La. 

Regiment and O. O. at Mobile. 
Lambert, Arthur, Corporal Pointe Coupee Battery. 
Laade, Wm. H. C, Fenner's Battery. 
-fLafonta, Edward, Orleans Guard Battalion, 21st Ga. Cavalry 

and Bridges' La. Battery. 
fLeefe, John L., Orleans Guards, 30th La. Regiment. 

22 ' 

•Lelong, Alphonse A., Ducatel's Battery. 
Lorio, J. D., Co. "E" 4 th La. Infantry. 
tLanaux, Pierre, Co. "B" Pointe Coupee Battery 
fLeBreton, E. D., Orleans Guards, Co. ',<F» 30th La Regt 
Logan, Nowell, Crescent Riflles, Dreux's Battalion and Fen- 
ner's Battery. 

Legate, J. Cecil, Surgeon 5 th Co. Washington Artillery 

Lambert, Richard, Capt. Ordnance Department at Baton 
Rouge, La., Macon and Augusta, Ga. 
tLaterriere, Chas,, Orleans Guards, Co. "F" 30th La Re<n 
Lallande, Chas. D, Sergt. and Lt. Orleans Light Horse and O 

M. Dept. in Florida. ^ 

Lamon, J. H., Capt. 1st La. Regular Artillery. 
tLanaux, Geo. Alfred, Palmetto Guards, S. C. Siege Train and 

Bridges' La. Battery. 
fLilienthal, Edward, Crescent Regiment 
•LeMonni-er, Y. R„ (Life Member) Crescent Regiment and 

Orleans Light Horse. 
fLeray, F. Xavief, (Honorary Chaplain C. S. A. 
t Lambert, Louis L., Co. «B" Poi.nte Coupee Artillery. 
LeBreton, Charles, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
fLaudumiey, Charles, Orleans Guards, 30th La. Regiment 
tLeverich, Abram I., Sergt, and Lt. ,th Co. Washington 


fLabouisse, John W., La. Guards and Capt. Co. "H" 13th La 
Regiment and A.I. G. to Gen'l Gibson and A. A. G. to 
Gen'l Wheeler. 

Lafaye, John A., Watson's Battery, S. C. Siege Train and 

Bridges' La. Battery. 
fLandry, J. O, Lt.-Col. 2 8tl? (Thomas') La. Regiment 
*Lord, George H., Co. «D" 5th La. Infantry, and Co. <<C" rst 

La. Cavalry. 

fLewis, John L. Jr., Co, -A" Crescent Regiment and State 
Service under Gov. Allen. 

*Levy Isaac, Pointe Coupee Artillery and Capt, Commissary 
of riattalion. J 

fLewis, Andrew C, Co. "C" 1st La. Cavalry. 

Landry, Jno. Ulysses, Lt. Co. U E" 30th La. Regiment. 

•"Lombard, Edw. H., 1st Sergt. and Lt. Pointe Coupee Artillery. 

f Lagroue, Chas, A,, Orleans Cadets and Fenner's Battery. 

Lawson, A., Barrett's (10th) Missouri Battery. 

Lorio, J. B. Nezime., Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

Luminais, E. H., Orleans Guards, 30th La. Regiment. 

*Lipinski, A., Palmetto S. C. Guards Artillery and Bridges' La. 

fLyon, John, Co. tl K" 3rd Ala. and Lt. and Capt. Co, "C 

22nd Ala. Infantry. 
jLab'm, Manuel Joseph, Co; "E" 30th La. Regiment. 
*Legier, Octave, Palmetto S.'C. Guards Artillery and Bridges' 

La. Batter)'. 
fLaughlin, Wm., Co. "L" Wirt Adams' Cavalry and A. A. G. 

Staffs Gen'ls Adams, Griffith's, etc. 
fLemarte, Jules, Orleans Guards, Barrett's and LeGardeur's 

Lemarie, L, E., Orleans Guards, Barrett's and LeGardeur's 

*Lapice, Ambrose G., La. Guards- Co. "C" and LeGardeur's 

-[-Lawrence, Morris L. , Watson's and Pointe Coupee Batteries. 
fLivaudais, Louis A., Orleans Guards Battalion and Sergt. Co. 

"F"' 30th La. Regiment. 
*Levy, Lewis Fisher, Yazoo Rangers and Yerger's Miss. 

♦Laudumiey, Emiline, Co. "F" Orleans Guards, 30th La. Regt. 
-j-Levie, C. Armand, Co. "F" 5th La. Infantry and Co. "C" 

21st and 22nd La. Regiments. 
*Ledoux, L. A., Pointe Coupee Artillery. . 

Martin, Austin, Co. "C" rst La. Infantry. 
Mossy, Victor, 1st Lt. Co. "F ? 13th La. Regiment. 
Munch, Phil., 22nd La. Regiment. 
Mannion, Thos., Co. "A" Austin's Battalion. 
■[•May, Eugene, 5th Co. Washington Artillery and C. S. Navy 
at Mobile, 



P. W. A., Co. "D< 



7th M 

iss. Infantry. 

Levers, Wm ., Dent's Battery 

+\/r ■ a \V 22"" La. Regiment. 

fMason, A. P Col. A. A. G. ,„ Genera! Lee and A„ny of 
Tenn. Generals Hood and Johnston. y 

^Mar que2 Frank Or,ea„s Gnards and LeGardeur's Battery. 
ivtiuer, J., Dent's Battery. y 

: Murphy, JameSi Co . ,. D „ Is[ La _ Infcn 
Mullane, P. A., Wade Hampton', Legion. 
tMcCoy, John Sergt. Co. "p. ,,,„ L „ Infa 

Monroe, Frank A., Co. "C" zst La. Cavalry. 
tMcGrare, Lawrence, Co. "E" Crescent Regimen, Henry L„ Orleans Cadets, dLx's Battalion 
Fenner's Battery and C. S. Navy at Mobile. ' 

Meyer, Adolph, Capt. A. D. C. ,0 General J. S Williams 
tMackey, Anthony, Co. "A" ,s. La. Artillery 
*Manm„g^Ed. T 4th La. Infantry and Fanner's Battery 

cIZ; I m - Crescent Rifles - ****> B °«^ -d D L X , 

f ^2^Z^- **»- >,« Cerent 
Maistrejean, Louis, Dent's Battery 

• lM e r eUr ' A ^ red ' Co ' " C " 22nd La - »*Bio.. n t. 

C s" N avv S - >m Th0mpS ° n ' S L ^° »" "-'—d to 

Marl' fohrfB ^'"V ^ ^ ""' A ' M "'' B "'^°»- 
mat sh, John B., Pointe Coupee Battery 

fMarkham, Thos. R„ Confederate Guards and PS. I • 
Wither. Artillery and Featherstone's MtTs B, ^ de ? ^ 

tMumford, Wm. T , nd Lt. ,. t La. Regular Artdleryand A 
A. Lr. to General Higgins. 

^"ry: P ' J " Li " ° Uard8 ' D ' eUX ' S B »«'" i - *»« Oner's 

t Muse, James F., Fenner's Battery. 


Milher, John W., Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

1 Miller, John. 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 

I McLeary, Charles, Co ' C" 30th La. Regiment. 

I Malloy, Chas , Co. *'F" 1st La. Regular Infantry. 

Moore, J. B , Orleaas Light Horse and Q. M. Department. 

Melville, David, Co. "B" Crescent Regiment. 

fMcLeay, Thomas, Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, iSth La. Regt. 

*McLellan, Alden, Hodgkins' Co. Continental Guards and 1st 

Lt. Co. "B" Hannibal Flying Artillery of Mo and A. A. Q. 

M. Cabell's and CockrelTs Brigade. 
McMillan, Roht., 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
Martin, Henry N Va. Military Cadets, Capt. and A. A. G. 

Gen'l S. D. Lee , 
: l ; Miltenberger, Ernest, Lt. 10th La. Orleans Guards and A. D. 

C. Lt.-Col. Gen'l H W< Allen. 
-jMcIntyre, Bernard, Co. "K" 13th La. Regiment, 
Mathie, Thomas, Co. "K" 22nd La. Regiment. 
*Mather, George, Fenner's Battery. 

*Mc'Quilling, Thomas, Co. '-E" 18th La. Regiment, Drummer. 
*Menetre, Emile George, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
Mumford, F. M , Co. "C" 1st La Cavalry. 
Moyan, Jefferson, Co. ' G" 1st La. Regular Artillery. 
fMcElroy, Thomas, Hayes Rifles, 18th La. Regiment. 
•Mour'et, Eugene, Co. "D" 13th La. Regiment. 
•Munch, John, Co. "D" 18th La. Regiment and Red River 

*MalIett, Mord., Bryan's Co. Miles Legion and Ogden's Bat- 
talion Cavalry. 
Muir, J. Alex., Co. "G" Crescent Regiment. 
Mahon, Owen, Co. "B" 13th La Infantry and Provost Marshal 

duty at Mobile. 
fMcNairy, Frank H., Capt. and Major, A. D. C. Generals 

Cheatman and W. H.Jackson. 
*McConneIl, James, 2nd Lt. Co. "A" 1st La. Regular Artillery. 
*Maurras, Auguste, St. Paul's Battalion and 1st Lt. Co. "D" 

30th La. Infantry. 



fMurphv, Jo8eph| Crescent 

Fenner's Battery. S *wtralhon and 

Miles, Joseph, Crescent Blues Co "W" n 
Matheson, Willia-m, Co ^cSceftR - ^ ^"^ 
Department ^cent Regiment and Ordnance 

Mossop Tohn H Co "R" tW-c- t r 

Tenn Cavalry % " Infailt '7 ^ Co. "C Ist 

Moore, Calvin H., Capt. Co "B" an drt Pi , t 

Murphy, jame,, Continental qJ^^. 5 ^*™ 
' Battalion. V^'as, inh La. and Austin's 

*McCarthy, Richard, Co. "E" 20th TU; C t c 

Tenn. 2 ° th M,SS - Inf ™try, Va. and 

McMahon, Wm. Tack iftl, ai jo 

Miller, Samuel H "' <£ i " T° " °" Hos P^> ^- 

Ala. Battalion of Artillery 

JMurphy, David M„ Orleans Cadets 18th Z 

Battery ' IbtJl La « an <* Fenner's 

* wt,°; : E c ; s f e ;,,x v ;l:;- t Ri - - — ji 

*Marrero. L. H Co "P» o^i t t" ' * 
*vr -, '■ n '^°- ^ 25th La. Infantry 

*Mathes, William Co "R» p " Res ' ment ' 

.»d Jfh Co. ^Wp^A^!^ R * B »"»' i - 

tMei,, :; ,, Geor ,e Ad , p „ e , Navy p.^, ^ ^ 

m^tL^^c"'' Robins °"' s *&-■ 

partment. ' ' * * Ca ""°»<^ and Comm!,..,, De . 

Mullane, DennU A \xt t-x 

^m^im?; 3 z d ta — 

Georgia Cavalry ^-°Ppen ! La. Zouaves and 6th 

JMi„e,Wi, 1 .,Ord. S er gt ,andL t .Co,. F .. I3thLa . 1 „ fantj> 


McGill, Samuel, Confederate Guards Response Battalion and 
Crescent Regiment. 

•Mum ford, Chas. H., War and Commissary Departments, de- 
tached service. 

•Michel, John A., Co. "H" 13th La. Infantry. 

Norton, John V., Co. "E" 22nd La. Regiment. 

•Noyes, J. Wm., Orleans Cadets Co. "A" Dreux's Battalion 

and Fenner's Battery. 
*Nores, H, L,, Orleans Guards, Palmetto Guards and Bridges' 

La. Batten. 
f Nolan, Peter, Co. ''I" ist La. Regular Infantry. 
Norton, George. Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion, Capt. 13th 

La. Regt. Capt. A. I. G. and A. A. G. to Gen'l R. L. Gibson. 
*Nores, John E., Lt. Watson's Battery. 
■[Norton, John A., Ala. State Cadets and Co. "G" ist Ala. 

Neuhaus, Chas. Fr., 3rd Co. Coppen's La. Zouaves, DeGournays 

Artillery and C. S. Navy, at Mobile. 
♦North, Thos. Payne, Co. "A" Confederate Response Battalion 

and Crescent Regiment. 
fNunnally, John C, Co. "I" 42nd Ala. Infantry. 
*Nixon, Wyndham R., 13th La. Infantry and St. Mary's Can- 
♦Nicholls, Francis T., (Honorary) Brigadier General C. S. A. 

from La. 

+Ogden, Fred. Nash., Crescent Rifles Dreux's Battalion, Major 
Artillery and Lt. Col. Ogden's Battalion Cavalry, 

f Olivier. Victor, ist Lt. Co. Governor's Guards, 13th La, Infantry. 

fOUie, Charles, Co. "F" 30th La. Infantry. 

O'Neill, Pat., Co. "A" Austin's Battalion. 

f Onorato, Benedetto, Co. "B" 22nd La. Regiment. 

•[O'Connor, Joseph, Co. "C" Orleans Cadets and Co.'*'!'' iSth 
La. Regiment. 

fO'Mealey, John, Co. "C" 13th La. Regiment. 



'•''en,E m i]eJ., 5 thC 

o. Washington A 

egular Artillery " " *""" ,IBlon * r W«?-tf and Lt. istLa. 

'O'Brien, Patrick, 60 Vi L r^ 1 ^ *"*"■ 
Owen, Wm. MuL, Ad ? ' '„•. Re |™™t 

A«il-!e, y and L,^g*"** Washi'ng, oh 
*0'H al a Michl P i t ^'. ra,)0< ' Va - Artillery. 

*oe.,„ liche ' n J G : ;" • o,s rr^r r 8t * La - infa ""^ 

dear's Batteries. ' ^ Ban ' ett ' s *«<* LeGa,- 

*PaImo, Francis F Dplf a t?;a .1 T 
' service. ' * ^ ^ La ' ¥**&?■ and detailed 

fPlanchard, Dalcour, Corpl Co "A" J r r 
*Pascoe, Wilham H. Colfr^fi Mi s f Q ^ ^"^ 
tPierce, William, Continental G^ Co "C^ ItI ■ T r 

'""try and Austin's Battery and Staff r -I u 1IthLa ' T «- 
Peralta, E., Pointe Coupee Battery ^ J ' W*' 

^Pe, B. A., Surgeon C. S \ 

fPembertor,, John, LeGardeur's Battery 

fPeyroux.P.O., St. Paul's Battalion "S C ^ ^r ■ 

Bridges Battery. ' ' C ' ble ? e T ™™ and 

TS^.f^ C °* " D " CreSCent R *g'™4 and Fenner's 

•Pettit, George S., Crescent Rifl es , Dreux's BW.P 

Fennel's Battery. battalion and 

Pilie, Edgar, LeGardeur's Battery. 
1 ersons, James M. Fentw-rU R #S 

t^vis, Geor g e;b; p ri td rTg ,"' DePar ' me '"- 
»»t La. Reginient. Guards 22nd and Major 

Pierce, W. G Cn "H r^i i ^ 

Calmer, B; K^L^Ci V^ l8th La ' Re * in " n '- 
•Perilleux, E . p. c^*fr A ™f ° f lessee. 
Sergt. Power's Cavalry "^ * nd ° rdnance 

fPatton, Isaac W., Capt. Co. "B" and Col. 22nd La. Regt. 
*Peters Benj. Franklin, Leeds' Orleans Light Horse. 
JPalfrey, Edward A., Major A. A. G. to Gen'l Lbvell and Lt. 

Col. C. S. A. and A. I G. and A, A. G. Richmond Va. 
Pattison, William, Co. "D" 3rd Texas Infantry.' 
Plattsmier, A. A., 1st Lt. and Capt. Washington Light Enfantry 

22nd La. Regiment. 
Preston, John Hammond, Co. "H" 14th Confederate and 

'Ogden's Battalion Cavalry. 
*Polignac, Camille J., (Honorary) Lt.-Col. C. S. A. Major 

Gen'l. 2nd Infantry Division, Gen'l Rich'd Taylor, Trans- 
Miss. Department. 
*Power, Philip Jr., Co. "I" Chalmette Regiment and Pointe 

Coupee Artillery. 
*Packwood, George H., Capt. Packwood Guards, Co. "K"^ 

4th La. Infantry. 
fPoche, Felix P., Capt. of Co. on Staff Gen'l Henry Gray and 

Capt. of Scouts in East La, 
Pugh, R. Lawrence, 5th Co. Washington Artillerj and Staff 

Gen'l Nicholls. 
JPratt, M. F., Stuart's Co., Miles' Legion and Ogden's Bat- 
talion Cavalry, 
f Phillips, Eugene, Midshipman C. S. Navy, Richmond, Mobile 

and Richmond. 
*Porta, Cesare, St. James Rifles, Co. "E" iSth La. Infantry. 
fPurl, James S., Capt. Attakapas Rifles, 22nd Tenn. and 

Major Cosonlidated 22nd, 12th and 47, Tenn. Regiments. 
*Picton, John R., Orleans Cadets, Dreux's Battalion and Fen- 

ner's Battery. 
Pierson, James L , Crescent Regiment and Fenner's Battery. 
Peyroux, M. A., Palmetto Guards and Bridges' La. Battery. 
Peyroux, Thomas, Watson's and Bridges' Batteries, 
f Potts, John C, Major Terrebonne Regiment. 
Powell, L. M., Co. "I" 4th La. Infantry and in Cavalry. 
Pettipain, Ernest, Co. "C" Pointe Coupee Artillery. 
*Poirier, Jules, Pelican Battery, 3rd Battalion Field Artillery, 

Trans-Miss. Department. 


fQuintero, J. A., Tr 


iexas Infantrv, C. S. A 
T.Ford's C 

county Co. of the Qi 

gent in Mex 

pitman Rifles. 





ommand in Texas. 

ico and with Col. Jno, 

at Mobile (over ag-e). 

nattached on dut 

y in Conscript Department 


: cf "t°H N ' t a n ;;, 2nd u - Crescent Rifies > Dre -' s B.«.lio„, 

Cap.. Horse Art.llerv, Scott', La. Cavalry, Major and A. A 
*j. Gavalrv. 

f ^tirand^ s v^ Cres r nt Riftes ' Dreux,s Battai: - ^ 

ist L t and Capt. Horse Artillery, Scott's La. Cavalry 
fReynolds, Thomas, Co. «D» ist La. Regular Infantry 

ah Co W I""" ^' A ° rd ' Sergt ' C °- " G " '3th La. Infantry, 
5 th Co. Washington Artillery and 2nd La. Cavalry 

fReichard, Augustus, Col. 20th La. Regiment 

Rees, Walter E. H., Fenner's Battery. 

Ramsey, Thomas, Sergt. Co. «D" nth La. Infantrv 

Roundley, Thos., fith La. Infantry 

Ruiz, Tames A., Lt. Co. «A» 30th La. Regiment 

"' J ° h ? *"' C0 " " A " ° lIe - S Cadets, Dreux's Battalion 
and tenner's Battery. 

*Renaud, William H., Fenner's Battery 

fRailey, ^p^t.^ol. Confederate Guards, Major C. S 
to Gen 1 D W. Adams and Lt.-Col. Staff Gen'I Wirt Adams* 
Re.delhuber, Peter, Gibson's and Dent's Batteries 
Robert, Onezime, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
fRegan, Warren S.., Twiggs Rifles Cresr^nf R« ■ 

Holmes's Battery. ' ° reSCent R eg,ment and 

♦Richard, Isadore S., Co. "C" Crescent Regiment 
tRoemer, Jacob, 20th and I3 th La. Regiments. 

fitetf? W CO " lSth L " Infant ^ V " d S — ' 
Richardson, Wm . P., Co. «B" lst La. Vols., La. Guard Artil- 

o ry Ge La ; ?« Co - " r ' r3th La - infantr ^ - id c «p>- o. 

O. Gen 1 Gibson's Brigade. 
*Ro g «,., Walter H., Co. "A" OrIea„ s Cadets, Dreux's Battalion 

and .tenner's Battery. 


Rose, Daniel, Clack's Battalion and Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
*Reynes, E. H., ist Sergt. Orleans Guard and LeGardeur's 

Royer, Charles Ernest, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
Roman, Alfred, Chasseurs of St. James. iSth La., Lt.-Col. and 

Col. 18th La. Regiment and A. I. G. to Gen'I Beauregard. 
*Rice, Charles E., Miles' Artillery. 

fRtce, George C, Sumpter Rifles, Crescent Regiment. 
Rogers, Wynne, Scott's Partisan Rangers and Bridges' Battery 
♦Roach, Thomas R., Co. "C" 21st and 23rd La. Regiments. 
fReinicke, Frank, Co. "A" Foot Rifles. and Co. «C" 22nd La, 

♦Reynolds, Henry W. W., Co. "G" 2nd La. Cavalry and 2nd 

Lt. Co. "B" Engineer Troops in Trans- Miss. 
•Rousseau, Octave, 2nd Co. Orleans Artillery and Watson's 


•Robin, Oscar. Asst. Medical Purveyor Trans-Miss, and Asst. 
Surgeon Faries' Artillery Battalion. 

f Robinson, Francis Hollis, Lt. and Adjt. 154th Sr. Tenn In- 
fantry, Lt.-Col. Ala. Cavalry and A. A. G. 

*Reynaud, L. F., Delt* Rifles, 4 th La. Infantry and Adjt Sth 
La. Cavalry. 

f Roundtree, A. W., Orleans Light Horse. 

•Robinson, John D., Co. "D" Orleans Artillery. 

{Richard, J. Leonce, Semmes' Buttery, Squires' Artillery Bat- 
talion . 

♦Rossner, C. W., Confederate Response Battalion and 25th and 
31st La. Regiments. 

tRuch, Albert A., Orleans Guard, Barrett's and LeGardeur's 

jRareshide, Harry, 2nd Lt. Perseverance Guards, A. Q. M. 
Dept. and ist La. Regular Artillery. 

•Robertson, Robt. Walton, Co. <G" ist Battalion Ga. Siege 
Artillery, Girardey's La. Battery and Co. "A" 5th Ga. 

Roche, J. Jules, Orleans Guards Battalion and 30th La. Infantry 
♦Reese, W. B., Sumpter Rifles, Crescent' Regiment and 
Columbus, Miss, and Selma, Ala. Arsenals. 


fS M«h rt U rt I h V ^' C ', eSCCnt RlfleS ' Dre " X ' S a '«"-. Capt 
3<h La I„fa„„. y antl A . f . G Q ^, P 

tS one. Warren, 5 th Co, Washington Artillery. 
fSharkey, John J., Fenner's Battery 

Zi7y' Myie8 ' La ' GU1 " dS ' Dre " X ' S B W«<™> ■"•» tenner's 

^Sis B p : t 'i:,::° ^ s c - si - ^ * Si 

St.arr,X H., S. C. Siege Train and Bridges' Battery 
We Felix A. Orleans Guard and LeGardeur's Batteries 

£p.Tc ' ^' U - C °-" B " IOtl1 "»•• I"f-'.v and 

^ <~apt. A. C. Gen'l firing 

Swain, Frank McC., Fenner's°Battery. 

fScberck, Isaac. Maior C ^ <a r* ?i r> 

W;n ^t r.'r , Gen'Is Breckenr dee, D H 

HiJiandJ. E. Johnston. • /■, "■ 

t Sarpy, Leon, Dreux's Cavalry Co 
Somhmayd, Fred. R., Crescent Regiment. 

Sheehan, Pat, Co. "E" iSrh La. Regiment 
fbinclair, Charles L., Co. "H" zcth T « j„f ♦ i ■■*' A 

Department. 5 U V^ 1 ? and A ' ^ M - 

Sheehan, Michael J., Crescent Regt. and Dreux's Cavalrv Co 
Sambola, Anthony, 5 th Co Washington Artillery an Capt' 
Cavalry on Detail in Military Court P 

jScharniski A Watson's and Pointe Coupee Batteries. 

f W J n dlS ° n ' 5th C °- W »hington Artillery and Maior 
in War Department in N. C. J 

fStokes, Micajah, Co «E" Scott's ist La. Cavalry 
fSaucer, John J., Capt. Co. &» 3rd Miss. Infantry. 
oimmons. Louis R Co "P-» T „ n 1 t-v 
and Fenneris Battery ^ Gu "< is > D -»^ Battalion 

fScott, John D., Lt. lit La. Regular Artillery 

otrone, Will H Co "P" o/^i t t r 

g, n,, to. * 2 6th La. Infantry and Co. "D" 2nd 

l-.a. Cavalry. " 1U 

tSere, Leon, LeGatde'ur's Battery 

Sanchez William, Capt. Co. "A" lS th La. Regiment. 

Strehle, Fredenck, Clack s Battalion and Dreux's Cavalry Co. 



♦Smith, Marshall J., Col. Crescent Regiment, Chief Artillery 

to Gen'l Gardner and Lt -Col. Artillery. 
*Schoeff, George, Co. "A" 20th La. Regiment. 
|Schrieber, Adolph, Orleans Guards, Capt. O. O. to Gen'l 

Mouton and Chief of Ordnance with Gen'l Polignac. 
-1-Screven, Richard D., Co. "A" La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion 

and Lt. A D. C. on Staff, Trans-Miss. 
^Santana, Charles, Stuart's Co. Miles' Legion and Ogden's 

Battalion Cavalry. 
Smith, John H., 5th Co. Washing-ton Artillery. 
Slack, Aylmer L., 2nd La. Infantry and Lt. ist Regular 

\ Steven, Will, 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
Selles, F., Co. ''E" 22nd La. Regiment. 
♦Seebold, Wm. Emile, Co. "I" Scott's ist La. Cavalry. 
\ Sadler, George W., Orleans Cadets, 5th La. Infantry, 14th 

La. and Ogden's Battalion Cavalry. 
*Selph, Dudley, Moorman's Miss Cavalry, 2nd Co. Washington 

Artillery; attached to Ector's Brigade and Courier du.y. 
Shepherd, E. T., Co. "I" Crescent Regiment. 
f Story, Benjamin S , Lt. and Capt. Confederate Guards, 18th 

La. Regiment. 
-{-Smith, J Pinckney, 2nd Lt. Macon Cavalry, organized and 

equipped by him, and Capt A. Q; M. Trans-Miss. Dept. 
Spear, Henry W., 2nd Lt. C. S. A. and Co. "D" Forrest's 

Regiment Cavalry. 
Stein, Daniel, "The Pelicans'" 17th La Regiment. 
Sorapuru, Louis, Co *'C" Pointe Coupee Artillery, Spanish 

River Battery and Co. "E" 22nd La. Regiment. 
Silcot, Joseph F., Co. "D' J Crescent Regiment, Todd's La. 

Cavalry Co and in A. Q. M. Department. 
Sharp, Patrick, Bin ford Guards, 21st La. Regiment and Burke's 

Scouts, Morgan's Cavalry. 
fSinnott, Richard, La. Guards and detailed Officer in C. S. N. 
Smith, James B , Continental Guards, Co. "A" Austin's Battal'n. 
*Snow, Robert H , Co. "I" 22nd La. Regiment. 
*Smith, William, C. S. Navy in Red River, Steamer Webb, etc. 


fSchaumberg, Wright, Missouri Troops, Capt. A A G to 
GenU Little, Major A. A. G to Gen'l Earl Van Dorn and 
Lt.-Col. A. A. G. to Gen'l E. Kirby Smith ' 

*, Thos. G., Co. »E" ist La. Regular infantry and C. S. 
Navy, Str. Chicarnauga, etc. 

{Smith, E. Kirby, (Honorary) General C. S. A. 

fSpahr, Charles, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

Seaton, Thomas, Co. "A" La. Guards, Dreux's Battalion and 
Fenner's Battery. ' 

fSarrazin, Paul J., Orleans Guard Battalion and Co. "F" ooth 

La. Infantry. 

tSemmes, Thos. J, (Honorary) C. S. Senator from Louisiana 
Schad, Matthias F., Co. "I" 22nd Miss. Infantry. 
•Stewart, Alex. P. (Honorary) Lt. General C. S A 
Shortridge, R. C, Co. "H" 43rd Ala.. Infantry. ' 
•Sevey, W,n. S. E., and Lt. 5th La. Infantry and 5 th Co 

Washington Artillery, 
♦Schnaydre, Oneziphore, Co. «G" 30th La. Infantry. 

•Tebault, Christopher H., aist La. Infantry and Surgeon in 

Medical Department, Ga. 
Thiroux, Victor Charles, Co. "D" 22nd La. Regiment. 
Tabarry, J H,, Co. "B" 30th La, Regiment. 
*Todd, William Ed., Crescent Regiment and Co, "B" 30th La. 


Tracy. M. O , Capt. 4 th Co. Governor's Guards, Major 13th 
La. Infantry and A. I. G. to Gen'l R. L Gibson. 

Teiman, Louis, Co. "F" Is t La. Regular Infantry. 

•Taylor, Joseph Dewey, Clack's Battalion and Dreux's Cavalry 

Tabary, Paul A., Orleans Guards Battalion and Dreux's Cavalry 

•Tremoulet, Bernard, Orleans Guard and 10th Mo. Batteries. 
Towles, C. M„ Scott's ist La. Cavalry. 

tTutt, William F. , Crescent Regiment and 5 th Co. Washing- 
ton Artillery. s 


Trainor, James, Boyle's Co. "C" 30th La. and Semmes' Bat- 

Taylor, Lewes B., Capt. in Subsistence Department. 
tThovnton, Thomas, Co. "H" Consolidated Crescent Regt. 
♦Trepagnier, T. J., Orleans Guard Battery and 2nd Lt. Le- 

Gardeur's Battery. 
Trezevant, James H., Lt. Co. "A" Capt. Co. "D" ist La. 

Regular Artillery and V. V. A. D. C, 
Thome, John, Co. "A" 20th La. Regiment. 
^Turner, Benjamin, ist Lt. Westbrook Guards, nth Regiment 

La. Vols. 
fTaney, Robert J., 10th Regiment La. Vols, and LeGardeur's 

*Trepagnier, Francis Oscar, Lt. Co. "A" Orleans Guards 
Battalion and Capt. Co. "F" and Commanding 30th La, 
jTisdale, Nathan, Algiers Guards, 30th La. Infantry. 
fTrepagnier, Norbert, Capt. Algiers Guards, 30th La. Infantry. 
*Trinchard, F. B., 2nd Battalion Ala. Light Artillery. 
•Thomas, Allen, (Honorary) Major and Col. 28th La. Infantry 

and Brigadier Gen'l from Louisiana. 
^Thompson, Albert G., Pointe Coupee Artillery and Yosite's 

•Thea'rd, James C, Capt. 4th Co. Orleans Battalion and Co. 

"D" 22nd La. Regiment. 
•Thomson, Patrick H., Capt. ist La. Regular Infantry and 
Capt. A. I. G. and A. A. G. Gen'ls Duncan, Bragg and 
Kirby Smith. 
Toner, John H., Co. "B" 21st Ala. Infantry and Hutchinson's 

Ala. Battery. 
♦Thurston, Thos. Gates, Dreux's Cavalry Co. 

Urquhart, David, Lt.-Col. A. A. G. to Gen'l. Baxton Bragg 

and V. A. D. C. . 
Underhill, Edward M., Lt. V. A. D. C. Gen'l S. D. Lee and 

Col. 65th Ala, Infantry. 
-j-Underwood, Nelson, Co. "F" 9th Ky. Infantry. 


lvT y 'S- i aS -' C °- < ' F, ' 2 5 th ^- I n^t r v. 
fVaudry, William T.. La Guard* n,- Q .^ 

nfer's Battery. ' '"* S Battali ™ and Fen- 

Gen ] Kiench and with Col. S. H. Lockett 
Vreeland, Walter Raleigh Crescrnfr R« ■ ' 

Cavalry Co. ' ^ lescent Re g"nent and Dreux's 

•Viering, Henry, Dreux's Cavalry Co 

t Villemain, Leon, Co. « A" 2ird T „ P • 

+ vn t, ■' Ija - Regiment 

•v s c';;r;; c -w st James Rifles ' ,8,h *-■ ^-n, 

Cavalry ' ' ' ' S ' ^ ^"'V and Col. 3 „d La. 

Z'efy J - ' eanS CadetS ' D ' eUX ' S Ba «"'=- -d Fencer's 
tVenables, R ichard ^ Adjt> md 

Regiment, descent 

Vallette, Octave F Panf ai„- ,-1 

., dV ^., Capt. Algiers Guards, o. "A" *oth T a 

-Regiment. ' J um 1 - ,a - 

SS SSrsf:^'" 1 * A - D - c - c ° i; 

shal, Taladega, Ah, "' ° f P ° Sta " (l P™™st Mar- 

tV Ba, n ::;ei OSeP "' POi " te C ° Upee a " d S -™-' or Yoisfs 

tV C.' S e C™^ s ; (H ° n0rar - V) Ge "'' B -^«f| S^ and 
*Von-Priui, Frank, Capt A D C to ivr 

Ba; t : r V CIaUde A ' bert - S - C - Si ^ e Trai " -d Bridges' La. 

*Viala, H., Pelican Battery. 

Walker Garrett, 5 th Co. Washington Artillery 
Watts, Harrison, Lt. McDonald's St. Louis Battery. 

•Williams, Geo. A., Capt. A. A. G. Gen'ls St. John R. Lid- 
dell and D. C. Govan's Brigades. 
Williamson, John G., Co. "F" nth La. Regiment. 
tWest, Douglas, Capt. Co. "I" and Major 1st La. Regular In- 
fantry, A. I. G., A. A. G. and O. G. on Staff, 
f W T hitesides, W. J., Watson's Battery. 
Woelper, Thomas, Continental Guards, Co. "G" nth La. and 

13th La. Regiments. 
f Woods, Robt. J., Co. "C" Orleans Cadets, 18th La. Regt. 
White, J. G., Sergt. and Lt. 18th La. Regiment. 
* Walker, Clement L., Miss. Cavalry, 23rd Arkansas Infantry, 
A. A. G. Department and Lt. Engineers, Trans-Miss. Dept. 
•j- Witherspoon, A. J., Witherepoon Guards and Chaplain 21st 

Alabama Vols. 
Williams, Joseph, Clack's Battalion and Dreux's Cavalry Co. 
Woli,John, Co. "C" 30th La. Regt. and Semmes' Battery. 
jWilson, Frank H., Crescent Regiment. 
Witham, Chas. W., 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
Whitney, W. H., Co. "E" 20th Mississippi Infantry. 
fWiggin, Benj Franklin, Co. "G" Withers' Light Artillery. 
fWiltz, Louis Alfred, Orleans Artillery, Capt. Co. "E" Chal- 
mette Regiment, Commanding Scouts and Provost Marshal 
at Franklin, La. 
*Watson, John W., 5th Co. Washington Artillery and detailed 

at Military Headquarters Army Tennessee. 
fWiltz, Thomas, 3rd Battalion Light Artillery, 
•Wagatha, Adam, Sumpter Greys, Co. iv B" 30th La. Regt. 
+ Williamson, Oliver C, Sumpter Rifles, Crescent Regiment. 
fWright, Wm. H., C. S. Navy on Mississippi River, Co. "H" 

14th Confederate and Ogden's Battalion Cavalry. 
Williams, John, Orleans Artillery and 22nd La. Regiment. 
*Walsh, William, Boone's and LeGardeur's Batteries. 
Wild, Christ, 5th Co. Washington Artille y. 
-{-Walker, James T., Co. "C" Crescent Regiment. 
*Welch, Walter G., Co. U B" 18th La. Regiment. 
^Wilkinson, James B. Jr , 51st Va. Infantry, C. S. Navy on 



"Louisiana" and Adjt. 38th Miss, and 21st La. Regiment and 
Post duty at Mobile. 
fWalker, J. R,, Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion, Co. "D ' 

Woods' Miss. Cavalry and Special Service as Scout. 
tWilloz, Charles L., Co. "F ' 30th La Regiment. 
*Webster, George, Watson's and West's Batteries, 
f Warren, Robt. K, Sergt. Co. "A" Crescent Regiment and 

detailed in Q. M. Department at Alexandria, La. 
Winn, J. Z., Co. "H"' 2nd La Cavalry. 
Wiltz, George L., Cavalry and LeGardeur's Battery. 
Wright, Marcus J., Lt.-Col. 154th Sr. Tenn. Infantry, A. G. to 

Gen'l Cheatham and Brig. Gen'l C. S. A. 
f Winter, Frank D., Co. "A" and 1st Corpl. Co. "B" 2nd Ala. 

*Wolfe, Udolpho,Capt. A. Q. M. to Gen'l R. R Garland and 

Major on Staffs of Gen'ls Magruder and E'. Kirby Smith. 
fWogan, A. V,, Boone's and LeGardeur's Batreries. 
* Weaver, George J., C. S. Navy, Gun Boat Mannasas and in 

Mobile Bay. 
*Webre, Frank, Sergt. Co. ' G" 30th La. Regiment 
*Wood, William, Orleans Cadets, Co. "D ' Crescent Regt. 
•Will, Theodore C, Co. "F" Miles' Legion and Old. Sergt. 

Co. "C" 1 st La. Regular Artillery. 
*Wood, Frank W., 5th Co. Washington Artillery. 
*Webb, Chauncey Oliver, Co. "A" Crescent Regiment. 
*Waterman, Paul, Sergt. Coppens* La. Zouaves and 1st Lt. 
and Adjt. DeGournay's 12th La. Battalion Artillery. 

*Youngblood, Wilson, Asst. and Chief Engineer C. S. Navy, 

on ss. Louisiana and in Mobile Bay. 
•Young, John M., 2nd Lt. Co. "I ' l8lh La. Regiment. 
fYork, Zebulon, (Honorary) Brig. Gen'l C. S. A. from La. 

Zacharie, Frank C, Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion, Major 
C. S. A., A I. G, to Gen'l Ruggles and Col. 25th La. Regt. 
•Zehler, Charles C, Co. "A" Crescent Regiment. 


Supplement to Roll of the Association of the Army of 
Tennessee, La. Division, Camp No. 2, U. C. V., Pub= 
lished and Issued May 1st, 1903. 

Changes in the Association Roll from May 1st, 1902 to March 

31st, 1903. 

ADDENDA-MAY 1st, 1902. 

*Buisson, Benjamin, page 5, into good standing. 

Luminals, E. A., page 23, instead of E. H. 

*Mossy, Victor, page 23, into good standing — add and A. A. 

I. G. Gen'l Kirby Smith's Staff. 
*McVicar, Wm., page 24, into good standing. 
*Palrns, Francis F., page 2S, instead of Palmo. 
fPevroux, Thomas A., page 29, into good standing, and died 

April 28th, 1902. 
*Reese, H. B., page ,30, instead of W. B. 

•Jones, Thompson, H., Co. "K" 1st Ky. Infantry and Co. "G" 
3rd Ky. Cavalry. Elected April 8th, 1902. 

Huey, Wm. R. P., Holmes' Light Artillery and detailed al 

Gen'l Hodges' Headquarters. 
Jochum, Peter, Pointe Coupee Artillery. 
Judice, Paul N , Lt. Sappers and Miners, Ord. Sergt. Co. "A' 

13th La. Infantry and Engineers Corps. 

, ..!'.. 


"Louisiana" and Adjt. 38th Miss, and 21st La. Regiment and 

Post duty at Mobile. 
tWalker, JR., Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion, Co. "D \ 

Woods' Miss. Cavalry and Special Service as Scout. 
tWilloz, Charles L., Co. "F ' 30th La Regiment. 
* Webster, George, Watson's and West's Batteries. 
1 ~ ? . tt> Cvrrt. Co. "A" Crescent Regiment and 


Supplement to Roll of the Association of the Army of 
Tennessee, La. Division, Camp No. 2, U. C. V., Pub= 
lished and Issued May 1st, 1902. 

Changes in the Association Roll from May ist, 1903 to March 

Reinstated into Good Standing. 
* Brown, Henry Clay,, for Command, etc., see page 4. 

* Borraan, Augustus, 

* Guillot, Frank H„ 

* Livaudais, E. E., 

* Norton, John;' 7 ".. 

* Richardson, Wm. P., 

* Vreeland, Walter R., 

* Wolf, John, 





■[York, Zebulon, (Honorary) Brig, vj-tm 1 ^. ~. - , 

Zacharie, Frank C, Crescent Rifles, Dreux's Battalion, Major 
C. S. A., A I. G. to Gen'l Ruggles and Col. 25th La. Regt. 
*Zehier, Charles C,, Co. "A" Crescent Regiment. 

■ Elected into Membership. 

Blanchard, James E , Orleans Guard Battery and Dreux's Cav- 
alry Co. 

Childress, Chas, Sherman, Pelham Cadets, Battalion of Ala- 
bama, (Boys) and detailed on Alabama River Boats. 

Duplantier, A vm and, Orleans Guard Battery and Dreux's Cav- 
alry Co. 

Foulon, Eugene, Orleans Guard Battery and Dreux's Cavalry 

Griffing, John H. Co. "I" 42nd Alabama Infantry and detailed 

in Trans-Mississippi Department. 
Huey, Wm. R. P., Holmes' Light Artillery and detailed at 

Gen'l Hodges' Headquarters. 
Jochum, Peter, Pointe Coupee Artillery. 
Judice, Paul N , Lt. Sappers and Miners, Ord. Sergt. Co. "A' 

13th La. Infantry and Engineers Corps. 


LeBreton, Emile St. M'., Volunteer Aid to Col. Marshall J. 

Smith, Commanding Artillery at Port Hudson and prisoner 

of War. 
Morgan, H. Gibbes, Volunteer Aid at Battle of Baton Rouge and 

Fenner's Battery. 
Roman, Arthur J., Co. "F" 4th La. Infantry. 
Skip with, N. G., Co. "H" 41st Ga. Infantry, Harvey's Scouts 

and RatclifFs Miss. Battery. 
Soniat, Lueien, Bridges' La. Battery. 

Died During the Time. 

f Crouch, Walter V., May 16th, 1902. 

f Palmer. Rev. Benj. M., (Honorary) May 28th, 1902. 

+ Stockman, S. Dryden, July 12th, 1902. 

f Hebert, Alexis S., July 20th, 1902, 

t Amy, Louis C, July 27th, 1902. 

f Fitzgerald, James. November 24th, 1902. 

j- Rice, Charles E., December 13th. 1902. 

f Mossy, Victor. January 13th, 1903, 

f Frederic, H. A , February 1st, 1903, 

I Roman, Arthur J , February 13th, 1903. 

f Guiilot, Frank H., March 3rd. 1903. 

f Vautier, Charles, March 16th, 1903. 

Membership on Roll March 31ST. 1903. 

Honorary Members 7 

Life Members 1 

Active Members in Good Standing 274 

Sons of Confederate Veterans 41 



Burkhardt, C C. 
Bergeron, M. B. , Jr. 

Chalaron, Frank J. 

Dole, Henry J. 
DeVerges, Paul 

Elizardi, Jno. E. 

Fremaux, Henry J. 
Fortier, Paul 

Haller, J. Theo. 
Hinck;, John Wm. 

Laudumiey, Fernand 
Lagrange, P. P. 

Matthews, Leonard 
Miltenberger, Ernest, Jr. 
Moreno, Frank 
Menetre, Edwin J. 

Nores, E. U. 
Nores, E. L. 

Quintero, Lamar C. 

Rosser. Jas B. Jr. 
Richard, James I. 
Renaud, G K. 

Snowden, Mason 

Vinet, Leonidas P. 
Vanney, Jno. Geo. C. 

Bos worth, Millard 
Barrosse, Rene J. 

Chalaron, Ulric 

Duggan, Thos. J., Jr. 

Fowler, Ed. A. 

Haller, J. Paul 

Livaudais, Alf. F. 
Legier, Octave Jr. 

McGehee, Schaumberg 
McLellan, Alden, Jr. 
McLellan, W. H. 

Noyes, Leonard W. 

Robertson, Walton 
Renaud, Jno. K.,Jr. 

Wolfe, Walter 
Wolfe, John Jr.